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We will help solve your toughest challenges by creating and providing tailored solutions allowing you the ease and flexibility to make accurate business decisions.


We focus on transaction monitoring and customer-risk scoring methodologies to assess whether client’s automated solutions are conceptually efficiency and sound.

  • We validate the design and accuracy of the model based on business and regulatory requirements.
  • Validating the accuracy of the implementing using Structured Query Language, SAS, and Pythons scripts to replicate the model.
  • Reviewing the governance and alert management including risk and control frameworks.


Automate routine tasks

  • Data-entry automation is the future of managing your business content. 33% of time spent in the workplace is used to collect and process data. And the more projects/initiatives a company has to manage, the more data a company has to process.

NaviData Tech can simplify the entire process from start to end. Depending on the source of data, we can design solutions that collect information from any business document in seconds and store it in any customized way. Solutions such as Excel formulas and customized bots can provide a solution with significant time and cost savings for companies.

Data Entry


Gain insights and identify/analyze risks

  • Using descriptive analytics, NaviData Tech will identify and describe historical trends in data. This process will answer the essential question of “what happened?” Descriptive analytics focus on summarizing data in a meaningful and descriptive way.
  • The second step employs diagnostic analytics. NaviData Tech will dig deeper into the findings of the descriptive analytics and find causes of risk by:
    - Identifying anomalies in the data
    - Collecting data related to the anomalies
    - Identifying relationships and trends that explain these anomalies
  • Then, through advanced analytics, we extract data, make predictions and forecast future trends. This can be done through regular statistics or machine learning. This analysis addresses the question of “what if?”
  • We focus on transaction monitoring and customer-risk scoring methodologies to assess whether a client’s automated solutions are conceptually efficiency and sound.
    - We validate the design and accuracy of the model based on business and regulatory requirements.

Data analytics is a cross-section of information technology, data and business. NaviData Tech will coordinate all to help power businesses and organizations to success, with the primary goal of increasing efficiency and improving performance by discovering patterns in data.


Reconciliation, accuracy and quality assessments of business data

  • Data auditing assesses how well a company’s data and technology systems are designed for the operations required (essentially testing the fit for the intended purpose)
  • The process profiles the data and assesses the impact of poor data quality
  • NaviData Tech also will trace the sourcing of the data and ensure that all data captured at the point of origination is accurate throughout every process
  • Data audits also identify fraud, intrusions and other security problems
  • We focus on ensuring clients align with the annual New York State’s Department of Financial (DFS) Services 504 certification by ensuring:
    - The reconciliation of data and ensuring all transactions at point of origination made it to the ledger and monitoring solution.
    - The accuracy of the data by ensuring the transformation and Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes is not inaccurately changing the data.
    - Validating the appropriateness and quality of data used in the monitoring systems.

Through experience at the Big Four professional-services consulting firms, NaviData Tech has extensive experience conducting data audits. By reconciling and tracking the origin of data, NaviData Tech will ensure that all data smoothly and efficiently are processed through the company’s complete technical infrastructure. NaviData Tech will ensure that all values of the data are accurately represented in each record after their point of origination. Through data quality, NaviData Tech will ensure that information used to conduct analysis accurately represents what is required for the company to make informed decisions.


Report Design and Creation / Automated Dashboards

  • Data visualization is the graphic representation of information. Through charts, graphics and dashboards, data visualization tools provide an easy way to understand and interpret patterns in the data, thereby enabling senior stakeholders to manage and assess the current state of their AML/KYC compliance programs.

NaviData Tech will help with all facets of data visualization, from simple report generation to automated Tableau dashboards. We can help automate PowerPoint reports or Excel graphics. If the volume of required data is large, we can create a Tableau dashboard that creates an automated reporting screen that automatically pulls data from the server in real time.


(Managed Services)

  • We provided seasoned and experience professionals with onsite or offsite staffing options to deliver real-time support through both short- and long-term outsourced solutions for a client’s tailored needs.

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