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Driven by the experience and knowledge gained at Big Four Professional Services consulting firms, NaviData Tech provides advisory services to all lines of businesses, and does so with an emphasis on technology and data.



Established in 2019, NaviData Tech was founded with the mission to provide a transparency, methodological, and tailored approach to designing elegant and customized solutions for all project needs. Our team has experience working with a diverse range of companies. As such, we have a deep understanding of how organizations operate and the specialized expertise at the intersection of business and technology to address our clients’ specific needs.

Co-Founder & President
Co-Founder & CEO


At NaviData Tech, we promise that all of our actions and work is done with integrity. We know and communicate what is right, no matter the consequences.


Our work is of high-quality and we ensure that all the work we do is with the singular goal of improving your company and reducing any negative impact that exists.


As our client, we will work together to achieve our coordinate goals. We know that collaboration, transparency, and support will make our work for you even stronger.