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Company Overview

Driven by the experience and knowledge gained at Big Four professional-services consulting firms, NaviData Tech provides advisory services to all lines of businesses, and does so with an emphasis on technology and data.

NaviData Tech was born from the experience and knowledge gained from relationships with the Big Four professional-services companies. Established in 2020, NaviData Tech was founded to provide a transparent, methodical and tailored approach to designing elegant and customized solutions for all project needs. Our team has experience working with a diverse range of companies, including financial institutions, technology companies and small businesses. As such, we have a deep understanding of how organizations operate and the technical expertise to address their specific needs.

Our team has unique, specialized experience at the intersection of business and technology. From regulatory audits, solution design and simple data-entry automation to evaluations, the team at NaviData Tech has the right skillset to meet your needs.

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